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In-Game Credits

Want to purchase in-game cosmetics via the in-game store? You can donate for in-game "credits" which is an in-game currency we use inside the game servers that allow players to purchase items inside the in-game credit shop. Everyone inside the servers will earn "credits" by different factors (Playtime/Quests/Voting/Events/Trading/Selling/Boss Battles) this ensures that every single player in-game has the option to earn "credits" without having to donate by any means. Donating for "credits" will not give you an unfair advantage it will simply just provide a way for players who can't play long extended hours to earn the "credits" as listed above. 

  • Instant Credits: All donation purchases run via a plugin that is installed in the gaming servers. This allows the plugin to instantly send data back to the website which gives you instant access to your in-game credits. As soon as you load into the game server you should have your credits waiting for you!
  • Balanced In-Game Store: Our in-game shop provides a system for everyone to have a chance to purchase in-game shop items simply by playing on the game servers. This allows players to have more than enough options to earn credits by playing on the servers without the hassle or worry about having to donate for credits. We believe this provides the best method of making credits as non pay 2 win as possible and making it as balanced and fair for everyone. All players have an equal chance to build up in-game credits with no worry about donating for them.
  • Fast Support: If for any reason at all you have issues with donating or any type of issues in general we have trained dedicated staff working 24/7 inside our discord server. You may join our discord server by clicking the "Discord" button at the very top or bottom of this webpage. Once you join discord you may create a support ticket and have trained staff to respond and help assist you with any donation questions you may have.
  • Safe and Secure: You can rest assured that your billing information is safe and secure inside the Tebex website that follows a very strict legal GDPR compliance and requirements to meet the highest and safest legal standard possible. We by no means will sell or trade any of your sensitive information to any outside sources as listed inside the Tebex privacy policy.

Here are a few examples of how you can earn credits in-game without having to donate:

  • Playtime: By playing on the servers you earn in-game credits every 10 minutes.
  • Trading: You can become a in-game trader or selling where other players can pay you their credits by purchasing or trading with you.
    (Command: /trade <'CharacterName'> <Amount> - Sends points to other player ' ' - are necessary)
  • Selling: You can sell in-game items/resources into the credit store by typing a command listed below.
    (Command: /sell <ID> <Amount> - Sells an item.)
    (Command: /shopsell<Page> - Shows a list of available for selling items.)
  • Voting: You can vote daily by pressing "F2" in-game and earn in-game credits.
  • Events: Our staff team typically hosts monthly events where you can earn various rewards including in-game credits.
  • Quests: This is a custom system we are working on creating that will allow you to complete the "X" quest and be rewarded in-game credits.

We want to thank every single one of you guys for taking the time to even consider donating by donating you are supporting and helping the server grow and become a much safer and enjoyable community for everyone to enjoy! All donations are strictly used to maintain and grow the future development of the video game servers and community. 

1000 + 150 Bonus

9.99 USD

2500 + 250 Bonus

24.99 USD

5000 + 350 Bonus

49.99 USD

7500 + 450 Bonus

74.99 USD

10000 + 500 Bonus

99.99 USD