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Donation Questions

Welcome to the questions page on this page you will find some common questions with answers to them.

How does earning credits in-game work?

RanksAmount EarnedHourly AmountInterval
Default5 Credits30 Credits10 Minutes
Beach Bob6 Credits36 Credits10 Minutes
Apprentice7 Credits42 Credits10 Minutes
Journeyman8 Credits48 Credits10 Minutes
Mastercraft9 Credits54 Credits10 Minutes
Ascendant10 Credits60 Credits10 Minutes
  • Players can earn additional points by selling Alpha & Boss Trophies using /shopsell
  • All kit uses reset on the 1st of each month, this includes regular & donator kits

How can I claim my discord rank?
When you purchase a donation rank via the store you need to type !tebex:claim inside the discord to claim your reward!

Do you guys offer refunds?
If you head over to the front page and click on the "FAQ" section you'll see our refund policy we offer.

What if I don't get the donation?
If for any reason at all you have issues with donating or didn't get your rewards please join our discord server and create a ticket. We will be more than happy to assist and correct the problem fast and efficiently for you!

How long do XBOX/PS4 donations take to be delivered?
Xbox and PS4 donations are not instant like the steam/pc ones are xbox and ps4 don't offer any RCON support that allows donations to be instant and automated typical wait time to receive in-game donation is anywhere from 48-78hours on average. The sooner you post a ticket inside our discord the sooner you'll be able to get the donation reward.